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Destry Campbell

Destry and Ajax
Sunset in Jess Valley

Destry Campbell
PO Box 985
Alturas, Ca 96101

Phone: 530-233-4549

Horse trainer and instructor, Destry Campbell, combines his years in the saddle with his God given and natural abilities to offer a gentle approach of horse training.Starting from the ground up, Destry teaches the horse to partner up and build the confidence in its's handler.Through this  the horse will  look for help from the rider in any situation. By supporting  the horse through the learning process to make the right choice the horse comes out well rounded and  able to think for itself.

In clinics and private lessons Destry instructs his students in understanding  the way horses think and react and how to present their requests to their horses in the way their horse will understand. 

For more information about Destry and his training techniques  please check out the rest of this site.

God Bless!!


Updated 07/14/2005

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